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Dear Future Credit Card Holder:

Yes! Now you can learn how and where you can get all the credit you want! At last!! The inside information you've been waiting for! This exclusive manual called, Credit Solutions, will show you how and where to obtain credit you deserve.

Exclusive Sources

Our one of a kind manual. Credit Solutions, features current extensively researched data that discloses hidden credit card and other financial opportunities. We are not a credit service organization. We track the banks and financial institutions to bring you the best deals in credit cards, and provide you with a listing of these exclusive sources. This pertains to individuals with good credit as well as bad credit, or no credit at all. You will have the privilege of selecting the bank of you choice or the one that fits your credit profile best.

You will discover

1. How and where to get a free credit report (and why you should do it).
2. How and where to obtain pre-approved instant credit.
3. How and where to obtain VISA/MasterCard with no security deposit.
4. How to repair your own credit. (Don't pay others $300-$700 to do it).
5. Where to obtain the lowest interest rate credit cards.
6. Who offers credit cards with no annual fee.
7. Where to obtain Visa/MasterCard, that offers one free bonus mile (on a variety of airlines) for every dollar you charge.
8. Secrets in helping you get approved for your card.
9. How and where to consolidate your debts to one lower payment.
10. A simple plan to build up your own credit rating.
11. The best way to receive multiple cards (10 or more).
12. Where to apply for government assisted microloans for business startups.


Our exclusive manual, Credit Solutions, feeatures over 150 selections. You will receive detailed information about each credit card issuing institution including names, addresses, phonenumbers, toll free 800 lines, interest rates, annual fee, late charge, grace period, and credit discrepancies allowed so individuals with bad credit can make the right choice!

The best part about this self-help financial and credit manual is that you will be able to choose the best credit card offer for your needs. You may select the bank with the lowest interest rate, or you may decide on a bank that has no annual fee, or no application fee. You may also select to apply to one of the banks that require no security deposit.


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